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“Jennifer worked diligently to get a very stubborn District Attorney to agree to a DUI reduction to a reckless driving charge for a first time offender. She was great at keeping me involved on everything that was happening. The most reassuring part was her responsiveness to all of my questions…

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Jennifer from the very start was so empathetic, understanding and so caring about my entire situation. All from my past, the first DUI, pending second, and fighting my recovering addiction. She BELIEVED in me to succeed and get through this when no one else would.” 

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“Very professional and very passionate and driven when it comes to her clients. Hopefully I won't need a criminal defense lawyer again but if I do I know exactly who to go through!! Two thumbs up another satisfied client!” 

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“Jennifer's knowledge of the legal system and the professionalism with which she carries herself is a credit to the profession. She returns messages seemingly instantaneously and above all else is remarkably personable and compassionate. She is easily worth twice her retainer.” 

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“She was and is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, always available to answer any questions I had. AND was able to get my son out of the trouble he was facing.  I am very thankful for all she has done to help my son who is a veteran and struggles with PTSD.” 

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